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Olley's is situated opposite Brockwell Park, here you can sit and watch the world go by whilst dining in London's most fashionable chippie.


Fish & Chips existed in the eighteenth century and were referred to by Charles Dickens in ‚Oliver Twist‘ – hence the name „Olley's“ (The misspelling becoming an established title for the shop and remained unchanged for its registration)

In this area small businesses sold fish & chips separately in the small shops of Britain's indus­trial town, Chips were a main staple food of the industrial North, whilst fried fish was really introduced in London's East End.

In London a famous Fish & Chips shop in the 1800's was opened by a Joseph Malin in Cleveland Street in 1860 within the sound of Bow Bells.

We have recreated an Olde World atmosphere in this shop with the design to give a sense of the mid 1800's. We hope this enhances your enjoyment of our award winning products in a warm & congenial atmosphere.

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